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Get Scared for a Good Cause!

Bleed - Richard Thomas, Bentley Little, William F. Nolan, Mort Castle, Gene O’Neill, Rick Hautala, Joe McKinney, Tim Waggoner, Jason V. Brock, Stan Swanson, Peter N. Dudar, John Palisano, Tracie McBride, James Dorr, Peter Giglio, T. Fox Dunham, Dane Hatchell, Benjamin Kane Ethrid

Halloween's on the doorstep, crooking a bony finger at you to come out and play! But if you like getting scared indoors, this anthology of horror stories is an excellent alternative to being chased by zombies.

And if you want to be terrified for a good cause, you should also know that the proceeds from this volume are going to the National Children's Cancer Society. Editor Lori Michelle's preface explains how cancer affected her own family and inspired this fundraising project.