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What's coming out this week?

Parasite  - Mira Grant Bitter Like Orange Peel - Jessica Bell

I was expecting lots of scary books this week, in honour of Halloween, but when I put together the list for Bookshots (which was weeks ago, because scheduling) good frighteners were a little thin on the ground. If you know of great ghosty reads which I missed (and which were published this week) please let me know!


I like me some scares.


But what I do have is pretty awesome: Parasite a great thriller from Mira Grant, all about a near future world where our health is mediated by genetically enhanced tapeworms. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario? LitReactor's resident sci-fi expert Rajan Khanna will tell you in his Bookshots review on Tuesday.


Then there's the wondrously titled Bitter Like Orange Peel by Jessica Bell, a tale of family secrets, betrayals and..of course...bitterness. I'm intrigued by talk of plot twists and revelations in Bell's tale about three women fathered by one man, searching for the truth about their absent parent. BH Shepherd takes on reviewing duties for that one, which comes out on Friday.


As for me, I'm busy reading Want Not by Jonathan Miles and luxuriating in Pure Gold Baby by Margaret Drabble - one of my favourite authors. But those are coming out the week after next, so I will say no more. I'm also going to finally collect my thoughts about Orange is the New Black and since I don't have many NEW scary books to talk about, maybe put together my list of old scary favourites.


What is everyone else up to? I'd love to know!