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What went wrong with Allegiant?

Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

A while ago I heard about and read Divergent - the first in Veronica Roth's dystopian YA trilogy. While I didn't hate the book, it didn't thrill me either and working on my long-tested theory that second and third installments are rarely better than the first, I left The Divergent Experience to fans and went on to other reads.


Insurgent came and went. I heard a movie version was in the works. Then Allegiant arrived and although I hadn't read it myself, my trusty posse of writer peeps on FB went off to check the reviews (in between checking their own).


This is what they found:



WTF?? I thought. Divergent got rave reviews. So did Insurgent. The fan base were waiting impatiently for Allegiant. Now (remembering my theory) it shouldn't be a total surprise if the third in a series fails to meet expectations. But this is more than a few lukewarm reviews. The one stars outnumber the five stars. In review terms this is carnage.


So what went wrong?


Reading the reviews it looks like fans hated the ending which isn't exactly the traditional HEA you'd expect. But I'm wondering if that's the whole story because readers don't usually flip at an unhappy ending (if this weren't true, A Tale of Two Cities would still be sitting in a slush pile somewhere, waiting for Dickens to submit a version where Scotty beams Sydney Carton up just as the guillotine blade descends). So I'm guessing the problems with Roth's book run deeper maybe?

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Has anyone here read Allegiant? What did you think?