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On Writing

On Writing - Stephen King This is the second time I've read On Writing and it always surprises me how much my opinion of a book can change over time. Like many people, the first time I read King's memoir/instruction manual I was charmed by his apparent frankness about his early life. I drank up his tips on how to be a successful author in one long swallow, the way I used to read his fiction, years ago. Reading this again is like visiting the place your ex-husband proposed. You look at it all with a different and more experienced eye. This is the version of himself King wants us to see. It's not an idealised version - he doesn't try to hide some of the less admirable aspects of his character - but it's still partial and in some respects probably not very accurate. King tries hard to sell an image of himself as a popular, social kind of guy, but somehow I can feel him trying and that tells me that possibly the exact opposite might be closer to the truth.The advice on writing is OK. Adverbs are probably not the short cut to damnation King claims they are. I don't buy for a second that he approaches plotting in the happy go lucky way he describes (probably another example of King trying to project an image of himself, this time as ineffably brilliant), but the idea of a story failing when the writer starts to lie about the characters is dead on.Summary: entertaining, but bear in mind that King is a story teller and probably approaches memoir the same way he approaches the rest of his work.