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Secret History (Vintage Contemporaries)

The Secret History - Donna Tartt Second time around for this book and even though it's now almost 20 years old, its still as queasily intense and seductive as when it first arrived on the shelves in the early 1990s.Tartt dedicated her story of dark goings on at a small New England college to her friend Brett Easton Ellis and you can see that both of them hung out with the same crowd at the time when they formed their fictional ideas. This story shares some of the same characters Ellis employs in American Psycho - the charismatic, soulless types who commit murder as a kind of experiment or because they really can't think of anything better to do. But instead of using Wall Street as her metaphor for damnation, Tartt employs the louche, aimless atmosphere of a private college where rich but academically inferior students spend their time doing drugs, having mindless sex and taking the idea of Greek tragedy far too seriously.The story only lapses when Tartt takes us briefly out of the college setting for a young man's funeral and although it's supposed to remind us that a real world does exist and to confront the characters with the family they have destroyed, it disrupts the almost dreamlike atmosphere Tartt creates in the rest of the book, as her group of friends drink, discuss Greek philosophy and decide to commit murder.