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Arcadia - Lauren Groff She tries hard does Ms Groff, but perhaps a little too hard. I'm always wary when dustjacket reviews rave about 'luminous prose'. Oh oh - the plot stinks.Well, yes it does. And Groff's prose, although very beautiful here and there, appears untrimmed by the shears of an editor and therefore runs wild. 'Astrid's face was as kind as a field of dandelions'. Oh please.That said, it's OK in a 'Tim Drum' kind of way - boy has trouble becoming a man because of the environment in which he lives. With better material and a stricter editor, Groff could certainly produce something way superior.Discussed on the Unpr!ntable podcast: http://litreactor.com/podcast/unprintable-the-litreactor-podcast-episode-10-the-reality-of-having-a-bestseller-guest-patri