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I read books, I write about books, I would probably marry a book if I could find one who liked me enough. Three words to describe me mature, irresponsible, contradictory, unreliable...oh...that's four...


Downriver - Iain Sinclair This isn't a story, it's a journey. The river is the Thames and the journey is through the psyche of the city the river bisects. What does the Thames mean to London? If you had to describe that meaning through fictional characters, who would they be and what would they do?Sinclair is a psychogeographer - he's interested in how cities affect the minds of the people who live in them. Downriver is his attempt to capture the essence of London wharf-life. It's surrealist, captivating, inspiring, deeply disturbing. If you read it at bedtime it will become contiguous with your dreams.