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Into the Forest

Into the Forest - Jean Hegland This is the sort of book I *ought* to like - female protagonists, interesting premise (two sisters struggle for survival after the civilised world collapses), good writing......but. meh, basically.I didn't warm to the sisters (fatal flaw - if you don't like the characters, you won't want to read the book). They seemed prissy, remote, petty and none of that was really their fault when you consider that their creator gave them parents who refused to allow them to have anything to do with the rest of the world. This isolation posed an insurmountable character arc problem: these two girls are already removed from society. What difference does it make then, if society then collapses? Nothing changes, really for them. There are a couple of encounters with outsiders, but their internal dynamics can't change, because their world doesn't, not really. It's a story of two isolated people becoming more isolated. Like they live on an island and decide to row out to a more distant island. Now I get that dramas can be writ small, but these have to be housed in the correct environment - a small one. Apocalyptic, end of the world scenarios demand bigger issues than 'I'm jealous of my sister'.