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A Nice Warm Bath Full of Body Parts

My Work is Not Yet Done: Three Tales of Corporate Horror - Thomas Ligotti, Harry Morris

How did I come across Thomas Ligotti? You know I can't remember, which is weird for me, because I have a mind like a filing cabinet when it comes to authors and books (but sadly, not for anything else - I'm the kind of person who can't find their wallet because they left it in the fridge). Ligotti just seemed to pop into my head one day and I typed the name into the search bar over at Book Depository (my fave store) and there he was.


Dark. Spooky. Twisted read the accolades. Check, check, check. I clicked on buy.


I was not disappointed.


Reading Ligotti is like sinking into a nice warm bath - lots of bubbles, duckie bobbing around your toes - closing your eyes to enjoy the relaxation, then opening them again to discover that the bubbles are a foam of blood and that duckie has transformed into a floating body part. What I mean by this is that Ligotti takes the normal and, with creeping sublety, makes it not normal. In My Work Is Not Yet Done he takes an everyday story of office politics and turns it into a frightfest of horrible revenge and he does this so gradually and with such skill, that you're immersed right up to your neck in the water before you realize that its full of cut up corpses.


I've racked my brain and I still can't remember where I first heard about Ligotti, which is kind of ironic because a story where an reviewer comes across his work seemingly by accident and then finds that the things that are happening in the story are actually also happening in real life, is exactly the kind of twisted, what-is-real-and-what-isn't fiction that Ligotti would write.


But if you'll excuse me, I have to cut this short and get to work. Recently the office politics there have simply been getting out of control.